About Us

Sharon Yarwasky is the face behind Beach2Barn Knits! She teaches and is a life-time resident of Cape May, NJ. Knitting started as a hobby, but designing has always been in her blood. Obsessed with fashion and interior decor, she has been designing and flipping houses for the past 30 years. In order to knit unique, yet modern and stylish accessories, hours of time go into sourcing beautiful fibers and planning colors and patterns. All of her designs are handmade with great attention to detail!



Beach2Barn Knits creates unique designs for babies, children, teens and adults. We pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse in what's hot in the fashion accessory world. As well as home decor accents, hats are our specialty. Creating beautiful designs to wear and decorate homes is our true passion! We are always experimenting with fiber to create unique and stunning products and accessories.

Thanks so much for shopping local and supporting this community!